Using Water Color for Calligraphy


I recently received this Kassa Watercolor Set in the mail & I’m excited to share all about it with you guys! The set comes with a 9×12″ Watercolor Pad, 3 Water Brush Pens, and a Watercolor Palette (which also has a paint brush inside).


There are 21 different colors to choose from and three different style water brushes. Water brushes are really nice because you don’t have to spend as much time dipping your paint brush in water, you simply squeeze the pen and a little more water comes through on the brush (You can even fill them with ink if you wanted to!). There are two round tip water brushes; one small and one medium sized. The other is a flat brush, which I don’t use quite as often, since I usually paint letters and leaves – I’m in no way a watercolor expert!


I found that the easiest way to get started with the paints was to use the blue paint brush that came with the palette to wet the paint so that I could apply the water a little bit more aggressively without ruining the tips of the water brushes. Then, as I continued to use the color, I would add extra water by squeezing through the water brush. I was also able to mix various colors (in this case, mostly green and yellow) using the lid of the palette.


I began with both of the blue pigments – in the end these two colors were quite similar, but one was a little bit lighter than the other. I love blue (totally my favorite color!) and I definitely love the shade of these particular blues. (“Love is patient” is the darker blue, while “Love is kind” was the lighter blue – you can see a slight change in the pigment).

Next, I decided to try out a watercolor wreath using green and yellow leaves. I will repeat that I’m not a watercolor expert, but I had fun experimenting with these colors!
To start, I traced out a circle with my pencil and then began painting in the leaves. I used the smaller of the round water brushes to create the leaves.


I hesitated to add anything else to the piece because I was afraid I might mess it up, but I decided to snap a picture of the wreath and keep going. I debated between pink or blue words, but I decided I would stick with my favorite color for this one.

Lately I’ve been inspired by so many different people who are building their creative businesses on positivity and with the intention of building community. I know that being a creative can be exhausting and vulnerable, but I love seeing and meeting people who use their energy for positivity. SO, I decided to go with “be kind”. Because, honestly, I think we all need to be a little bit more kind – to each other and to ourselves!


I chose to go with the darker blue because it’s kind of a dusty blue, which is just dreamy to me (and it was the color of my bridesmaid’s dresses!). I switched to the larger water brush for the words, so that they would fill up the inside of the wreath!



And voila! Here’s the finished product. It was so fun to sit down, relax, and try something new this morning. These watercolors are perfect for you if you’re looking for some bright, vibrant colors. You can also mix them together in the lid, like I did with the green and yellow, to create some different shades that may not be seen in the palette right here. You can add some brown to the green for darker leaves if you wanted to!

These are great for watercolor lettering because water brushes make it simple to keep your brush damp in the midst of long words & phrases. You also get two different sizes of round brushes, so it works great for various projects!

To grab your own watercolor set, go to or grab their set on Amazon here!

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