Letter More in June!


Are you ready to go? A lot of people enjoy traveling in the summer, so this month will feature a travel theme.

If you’re anything like me, then you may be feeling some fatigue right now. Especially if you are still in school OR you are a teacher like me. But I also know that everyone feels fatigue sometimes. The summer months can be quite busy, so be sure to give yourself the time to rest and recharge. One of the ways that I love to do that is through lettering!

So, be sure to make time at least ONCE a week to pause & try out these next few prompts. These are meant for beginner to intermediate letter lovers who like to take on a challenge. Don’t be afraid to try them out – you might just surprise yourself! How will you know if you can (or can’t) if you aren’t willing to try?!

PS. Looking for beginner tips like how to hold a pen, what pens to use, or basic strokes to get your started? I’ve probably got a blog post for that – click here!


WEEK ONE: Letter the name of the #1 place on your travel wish list.

My answer for this would have to be Italy. It is 100% on the top of my travel list. As soon as we have the chance, my husband and I are hoping to go to Italy!
Use your photo to tell us WHERE you to want to travel and then use your caption to tell us WHY!

WEEK TWO: Letter your best travel advice.

Make even the most mundane advice beautiful. You might be an advocate for the scenic route or getting to the airport four hours early. What is the best advice you’ve learned while traveling? Letter that & tell us about it in your caption!

WEEK THREE: Letter the name of your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to.

Think of all of the places that you’ve been. Which one stands out to you the most? Even if it was just because of the people you went with. Even if it isn’t somewhere luxurious and extravagant – it’s beautiful because you love it. Be creative!
Use your photo to tell us WHERE you went and then use your caption to tell us WHY it was your favorite!

WEEK FOUR: Use the word TRAVEL somehow.

This has been a common theme throughout the prompts because I like to see the different kinds of quotes that you guys find/come up with! It allows us to think outside the box. So, either create a quote or find one that uses the word travel in it. If you can’t find one- just letter the word travel! PS. A way to make that fun is to use different colors for each letter.


Be sure to post your work to Instagram, use the hashtag #lettermore2018, and tag me (@lysstyler.letters) in your post as well!
I can’t wait to see what you create!

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