July Alphabet Challenge

Summertime is a wonderful, busy time. It’s filled with adventures, activities, weddings, parties, and anything else you can manage to stuff in. This can mean that all order and structure can fly out of your life – I know that has somewhat happened to me!

So, starting now (July 10th!) I introduce the July Alphabet Challenge!
*It’s ALWAYS better late than never*


Together, we are going to go through the alphabet. We will start with the letter a and move our way to z (which will take us into August as well).

When you are getting started with calligraphy AND when you aren’t sure how to practice now that you’ve devoted so much time to this hobby, the alphabet is ALWAYS a good place to start!

Here’s the good stuff:

There is no official timeline – you just need to start at the letter a and make your way through the alphabet. We are all busy people and we all have other important things to do. The goal is to do one letter per day, but please don’t give up if you miss a day (or two or even ten!). The main goal is to get through the entire alphabet.

You can choose if you want to do lowercase, capitals, or both! I will be doing lowercase letters – I will also be creating them multiple ways. I think that this is a great way to practice and find your own style. It also helps you to think more creatively – kind of like flexing your creative muscles a little bit.

You can use any pen (or tool) that you want to! This means that we will likely be seeing letters made with pencils, Crayola markers, brush pens, dip pens, paint brushes, or whatever else we can find (food lettering anyone?). Be creative & colorful!

You need to post your work somewhere! You can post in the Facebook group on the thread for that letter, Instagram (in a post OR on your stories!), and even here in the comments. What makes a challenge like this so much fun? The other people that are doing it also! We want to encourage each other and we want to see your beautiful creations! Use the hashtag #abcsofjuly on everything you post so that we can find it!


Let’s make something beautiful and encourage the beauty we see in each other as well! Come over to instagram to say that you’re joining in (even if you think it might take you longer than 26 days to complete!).

New to lettering and don’t know where to start? Here are a couple of resources:

Grab a FREE alphabet practice sheet here.

Start Lettering With Crayola Markers Here.

Best Brush Pens for Beginners Here.

Brush Calligraphy Guide Here.

Regular Tips on Instagram Here.

Questions? Leave them in the comments below!

Photos by my lovely friend Stephanie Kauffman – check out her website & instagram.

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