How To Get Better Letter Connections

letter connections

Let’s talk about letter connections. Before I get started,  I want to know if you have ever started to write a word and…
A. Run out of room on your paper
B. Gotten so stuck on how to write a specific letter that you ended up changing words
C. Had trouble connecting two letters together

If you’re anything like me, then your answer is probably actually more like D. All of the above
Here are some quick letter-connecting tips that should help you to simplify the process!

Before you even put your pen to the paper, map out where you’re going to write. Move your arm in all the right ways, but don’t touch the pen to the paper (or you can even sketch it out with a pencil)! Sometimes when I practice it this way before I write I am able to come up with a better composition AND my words usually fit on the page better too!

Practice the letters that frustrate you EVEN if you think you’ll never have to write them. Spoiler alert: they will come up somewhere! Find at least one way to write each letter that works for you. Do this proactively so that you don’t have to panic while calligraphing on wedding invitations!

Remember that every single letter and stroke should be leading somewhere! Where are you coming from? Where are you going? Each letter starts somewhere: the end of one letter should be leading into the beginning of another letter. As you write a letter, think about what letter comes next and where that begins. This will help you to better connect them together.

Calligraphy is NOT cursive! When you write in cursive you aren’t supposed to lift your pen off the page between letters, but in calligraphy you are constantly lifting your pen.  In the image above, the space between each letter shows where to pick up the pen. Lifting the pen between strokes is important and it will also help you to sloooooww down. Think about what letter is coming next and how you can connect to it!

Right now I am working on a second part of my Brush Calligraphy Guide and I am hoping to help you with letter connections, building your own style, and creating pieces. I would love your help – what have you struggled with the most while learning calligraphy? Tell me in the comments below or come chat on Instagram (click here)!


X marks the spot where the exit stroke of each letter meets the entrance stroke of the next.

2 thoughts on “How To Get Better Letter Connections

  1. Angela says:

    I needed this post. I have been struggling and just realized why. Your statement of calligraphy is not cursive was my AHA moment! Thank you


  2. volive57 says:

    I struggle with connecting the lower case letters v to e! As in the word “Olive” which is my last name!!

    Also, connecting the letter y from most any other letter!



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