About LTL

If there is anyone who shouldn’t be considered a creative artist, it is probably me.

I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist and I would constantly find ways to improve my handwriting in elementary school. My interest in design & letters all started when I enrolled in a Graphic Design class my freshmen year of high school. I started out silk screening t-shirts and ended up as the Design Editor of the yearbook by my senior year.

Despite all of those things, I still didn’t think I was creative. I saw myself as a good student and athlete, but did NOT associate myself with words like creative or artist. Part of me wanted to major in Graphic Design in college, but this voice in my head told me: You aren’t creative enough.

Instead, I received my degree in Foundational Mathematics, earned my teaching credential, and I am now a first grade teacher (that was my original dream job and with good reason- I love it!). But, all those math classes in college pushed me to the limit. I needed something to help me relieve stress and…enter calligraphy!

You will probably believe this, but just in case you don’t, I was really bad at it. I didn’t know what I was doing when I first started BUT I also did not care. I was having so much fun letting the other side of my brain take over. I never expected anything to come of it besides some relaxation and homemade cards.

As I finished college, moved back home, and started my credential program, I began to create things for other people. I was calligraphing place cards for people’s weddings and making prints for strangers on the internet. I couldn’t believe it!

The teacher in me just couldn’t wait to help other people find this fun, relaxing hobby. So I created my first Brush Calligraphy Guide to help others learn this beautiful art that I love so much! The amazing response I received from my book led me to start this blog and hold a couple of in-person workshops.

And to you I say, if you believe that you are not creative – you are wrong. You create things all the time. It may not look like the creativity you are used to seeing showcased everywhere, but you are creative. Don’t let the negative voice in your head keep you from trying something new.

And don’t be afraid to be bad at something because if you push through all the bad – you just might become really good at it. I’m rooting for you!