About LTL


Hello & Welcome! My name is Alyssa (but my friends tend to call me Lyss) and I love calligraphy. I’m glad you found me – I hope that you’ll find my love for calligraphy contagious and join in on the fun!

I am all about color (especially blue!) and encouraging words – so that’s a lot of what you’ll find here and on my Instagram. In 2015, I was in my senior year of college and I was super stressed out. I decided to try out calligraphy in an attempt to turn off my brain and do something productive at the same time. I am not generally someone who sticks with a new hobby, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my long-lasting love for calligraphy!

I received my degree in Foundational Mathematics in 2015 and my Teaching Credential in 2016. I currently work full time as a first grade teacher (which has been my dream job since the second grade). My love for teaching eventually led me to want to teach others the art of calligraphy AND the beauty of a relaxing hobby! And that is how Lyss Tyler Letters was born.

Here is all that Lyss Tyler Letters stands for:

I believe in creating and spreading joy.
I strive to foster community over competition.
I believe that anyone can create beautiful letters.
I hope to make learning calligraphy easier for you.
I want to spread encouragement and kindness to beginners.
I want to add color and brightness to the world.

I hope that this will be a place where I can help you to learn and love calligraphy a little bit more with each post. Thank you so much for stopping by!